The main focus here is the popular Facebook game Farmville. And now it has been launched as an application for iPhone’s and ipad’s, its popularity is again increasing exponentially. The game is based on virtual farming and has a very dedicated players list.

It has finally happened and the plight of many users has finally been answered.  The popular game on Facebook, FarmVille has finally been added as an open platform application on the newly launched iPhone 4. This development has created a lot of frenzy on the blogosphere and many users who are addicted to FarmVille and Facebook have welcomed with development with open arms.

FarmVille was launched in June 2009 as one of the third party application games for the users of Facebook and it was quickly able to garner a large fan base because of its ingenious idea.  Its popularity was so unprecedented that people were taken aback when it reached to ten million users after just two months of its launch. By the time of April 2010, there were 85 million users accessing this application and as a result it has now become the most popular game on Facebook.

The objective of the game is very simple. You are provided with a small land and some grains to start after that you have to plans things and grow a successful harvest so that you can sell them to make the virtual FarmVille money, which is given in coins. As much as you grow and sell, you climb levels and there are more options available for you to exercise. Like you can make FarmVille neighbors then work in their farms to make more coins. Also you can welcome your friends with gifts so that they can start their farms on the better note.

The concept itself was very simple but I think what caught the public’s eye was the idea of farming itself. Since most of us have never actually seen a village hence the notion of actually living that experience was what brought people to this game.

With the launch of FarmVille on iPhone 4, the biggest problem of a fully functional computer to access this game has been eradicated. The requirement for accessing FarmVille is also very minimal. All you need is a workable Facebook account and then you can start your adventures with your phone. The only glitch here is that the screen size is very small hence there is a lot of scrolling to do but that should not be the deal breaker for the dedicated FarmVille fans.

The arrival of mobile FarmVille should be a breather to Zyanga as it has been losing millions of dedicated members every month because of the changes in Facebook. In April Zyanga mentioned a 15 million loss of user, it seems the trigger happened when Facebook stopped the third party notifications and users were not able to play the game properly.