This time we find Belkin acing the world of USB interfaces. Belkin has always been producing some excellent stuff and same for this time Belkin has done with its brand new product the F5U220v1 Hi- Speed USB 2.0 5- Port PCI card. The data transfer rate that Belkin is giving in this product, blows past the standard USB 2.0 interface. It is much faster and a lot more reliable than its predecessor. It gives an astonishing data transfer rate of 480Mbps. Isn’t that real fast? Of course it is, as it gives 40 times more speed than a standard USB 1.1 Interface.

This piece of circuit board is really going to revamp the data transfer between computers and devices that require quick data transfer. Such devices include Real Time Cameras, portable drives- especially hardware drives and other devices that require the data transfer rate really really fast. And Belkin promises to give your computer the highest USB interface speed every possible.


This PCI card when installed would give you 5 high speed USB ports to connect with your system. Out 5 ports 4 ports are external and one port is internal. The internal port has been designed to accommodate the internal products of the future. While I’m waiting for such future projects there are certain suggestion for making the best of the internal port. One is that you can place a 4GB or 8GB high speed USB pen drive and then configure your operating system to use that as its virtual memory. This technique would definitely breathe in a new hope for life for a few bits of still left slower PCs. Another great usage of this internal port can be attaching SATA or eSata to USB interface. This can be done for example, if your mother board does not come with a support, you can still fix a SATA device inside your system. Get a small SATA to USB adapter and connect your latest SATA based devices to your system by implementing a very low cost solution. This would make these devices perform real high speeds.

The design feature of this card can support up to 127 high speed devices and 254 full- low speed devices from 5 ports. The installation of Belkin’s new card is very easy. It is just Plug n Play. No need to go through all the hazels of installing drivers just put this card in PCI slot and you are ready to go. Another added feature of this product is the lifetime warranty and technical support offered by the Belkin.


  • Brand: BELKIN
  • Model: F5U220v1
  • Type: PCI to USB Card
  • External USB Ports: 4x USB Ports
  • Internal USB Ports: 1x USB Port
  • Standard: USB 2.0
  • Data Transfer Rate: 480/12/1.5 Mbps
  • Operating Systems Supported: Windows 98 SE, Me, 2000, OS, or XP with USB 2.0 support & Power Mac computer running Mac OS X v10.2.7 or above

If you want to get the most out of your USB 2.0 ready devices and you find yourself a gadget freak then Belkin’s F5U220v1 Hi- Speed USB 2.0 5- Port PCI card is a must call for you. Attach anything like cameras, HDDs, printers, 3G devices and get rocked.