ASP.NET MVC 3 is designed for the development of the web applications that are to be tested and maintained by it. The ASP.NET MVC 3 is using the Model-View-controller pattern. The framework of ASP.NET MVC 3 is highly supportive and helpful for the developers to make and control a clear separation of the matters of concern among the responsibilities of the application. Some of the examples include user-input handling with the help of the controller, the UI logic with the use of view, and also the domain logic with the use of the model.

Test-driven development is the testable techniques that are used to test the applications of ASP.NET MVC.

Complete package

he package for the installation includes a number of features. The package is designed in a way that the templates and tools are included in it. These templates and tools are for the visual studio 2010 that helps increase the productivity when the applications of ASP.NET MVC are being written. There is an Add view dialogue box that takes the advantage of the customizable code generation (T4) template in order to generate a view that is based on the model objects. There is a default project template that is used to allow the developer to automatically hook up a unit test project that is in association with the ASP.NET MVC application.

The ASP.NET MVC framework is actually built on the ASP.NET 4 that is because the developers can take the benefit of the ASP.NET’s features that are already in existence like the authorization and authentication, the localization, the profile setting and many others.


Microsoft is planning to release ASP.NET MVC soon. On the Microsoft download center the first preview is available for the .net developer for testing. Most of the analysts stated that the Redmond-Washington firm is working hard to get the feedback from the developers with the release.

ASP.NET MVC3 and ASP.NET MVC are compatible so that it is very easy to update when the final version is released said the Corporate VP of the .Net Developer Platform at the software giant. The foundation of ASP.NET MVC 3 network is similar to that of the previous versions like MVC 1 and MVC 2.  The foundation is same so the knowledge, skills, libraries and books can be directly applied to MVC 3.

When you will use MVC3 then you will get to know about the changes that have been made to it and how it’s different from the previous versions. When you will get used to it then you will get to know more about it and about its new and improved features. The new changes mainly include the Razor View Engine, Java Script, view-specific enhancements, AJAX improvements and the controller improvements.

You can also install and use the MVC3 version along with the MVC2 version, while installing preview 1 release on a PC. This must not have any effect on the existing projects and those that are under progress. When you will install preview 1 you will see new batch of templates for MVC3 appearing in the Visual studio’s ‘NEW PROJECT’ dialog. So with this new version you will feel the difference.