Google has announced to transform the current broadband structure in the country with something quite a lot more quality and high speed network. The initial installment of this network will be for experiment purposes off course. By far, there has not been any community or location that was supposed to provide Google with the testing space for the promised network.

Fiber for Communities

Google launched a website named as the Fiber for Communities this week that is made to keep people from around the country updated with the happenings that are taking place under the project’s scope. The speed and performance of the project will all be available to people to view and reviews. Google is also going to provide people with resources through this website that will help them gain access to the ultra high speed internet access.

The website will also review comments and participations coming from different parts of the country just to decide the probable location for the installation of this system. The website will serve as a portal to interact with people and Google reports to visit the sites after narrowing down the choices and will meet officials from the local community. Google also intends to consult some other third party organizations. The target community is going to be announced by the end of this year when all the reviewing will be completed

Public Response

Internet Users are pleased with the idea of Google enhancing speeds up to 1GB in broadband Internet infrastructure. For years, many users have been excited to surf the Internet at great speeds, as it enables them to search results with faster response times. At least  1100 communities and 200000 people in total have shown interest in becoming a prospective site to Google’s experiment for everyone interested in the 1GB speed of fibre internet.

There is a lot of excitement in the people and everyone is certainly waiting for this year to end so that they hear the deployment of the plan in the pipeline. The website is going to educate people on different subjects about how does the technology actually works. There is a frequently asked question page as well as links to additional resources. You even have a take action page where people are encouraged to side Google in the ongoing legislation about installing conduit for high speed internet.

The plan intends to involve every individual and community that is excited to join hands with Google in the said venture. The target audience will not be an individual or the community but the successful deployment of the plan will bring this technology to the whole of the country where everyone will be able to enjoy the 1GB speed on fiber internet. Google is thankful to every minor individual who has made a contribution in the project and who takes interest in the Fiber for Communities web portal for the active deployment of the plan.