Now you can access your computer files remotely from an iPod touch or iPhone. Splashtop Inc., a renowned name in the world of cross-device computing, recently released an app dubbed as ‘FileHound’. Designed primarily for small screens, FileHound is the simplest way to access documents, music, videos, and photos from your computer remotely from your iPhone touch and iPod, anywhere, anytime.

In case, you want to access work files, such as Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Word, and Microsoft Excel, FileHound will prove to be utterly beneficial.

With FileHound get rid of the conventional way of transferring files from PC to phone

Just remember what you usually do to transfer a file from your computer to your mobile device? You will first convert the file to the format supported by your phone, then sync your phone with your computer, and finally transfer it. Such a long and exhausting process! Use Filehound and automate the whole process. You do not have to convert, sync, or transfer files or multimedia content on your computer or phone.

“FileHound puts some ‘bark’ into your smartphone!” said Mark Lee, CEO of Splashtop. “It is designed to be your new best friend to fetch files when you are on the go. In fact, we think you’re going to like FileHound so much you might even start petting your iPhone!”

Some of the exciting features of FileHound are:

• It has a more useful shortcut for toolbar to help you snap between editing and browsing modes

• Navigation for making precision better on small screens with the new Trackpad mode

• The option to zoom in or zoom out the files as per your preferences

• It allows you to end a session very easily

The most amazing aspect of this app is that it is easy to install, as well as compatible with every version of iPod touch and iPhone with iOs 4 or above.

FileHound by Splashtop Inc. can be downloaded from the iTunes App Store for US$ 4.99 USD, which is the exclusive launch promotion price of the app. Otherwise the regular price of the app is US$14.99.