In another good news for Apple fans (especially if you are living in Israel), Apple will be able to release its iPad in the country. Earlier, the Israeli government had banned the release of the iPad within its boundaries, citing technical issues.

Yechiel Shabi, a spokesperson for the Communications Ministry, said in a statement:”Following the completion of intensive technical scrutiny, Israel Minister of Communications Moshe Kakhlon approved the import of [the] iPad to Israel.”

Earlier Israel had cited multiple concerns regarding the wireless technology used in the iPad. According to its own investigations, the Israeli communications ministry regarded the bandwidth utilization of the iPad to interfere with other communication devices. It had also cited reasons that Apple had not done enough research, in making iPad meet international standards.

Apple is scheduled to release the iPad to the international market in late May. So, far there hasn’t been any resistance from other government sources. However the only controversy has stem from the Israeli government, which had claimed that Apple did not design the iPad according to standard norms of the European market that Israel follows.

Skeptics are looking at this issue very warily, as Israel has not had any problems with gadgets before. Some cite the reason of the ban to be vested interests, in which the Israeli government might be safeguarding its own interests. Though there are no scheduled releases of any Israeli gadgets, the government might be looking into protectionist measures regarding its technology market.