Owned and managed by Twitter Inc., Twitter is one of the world’s best social networking and micro blogging website. It enables millions of users to keep in constant touch with their family and friends through instant messaging upload known as tweets. The symbol of the little blue bird is now synonymous with Twitter and is recognized the world over. In an effort to ensure constant contact with the world at large, Twitter has long since been a part of applications for the Smartphones like the iPhone as well as other operating systems like Android, Blackberry etc. Initially, these released and distributed Apps were primarily third party clients who minted and continue to mint quite a buck. The year 2009 saw Twitter partnering with several third party companies to launch Twitter for various use Smartphones. However, as early as the beginning of 2010, Twitter Inc. has begun the process of taking ownership for their Twitter Apps for the iPhone, Android OS as well as BlackBerry.

Twitter for BlackBerry

For BlackBerry, Twitter worked with RiM (Research in Motion) which is the company working the BlackBerry hardware. This application was introduces as Twitter for BlackBerry in April 2010 and quite great functionality like push notifications which make it more viable than just accessing Twitter through your mobile browser.

Twitter for iPhone

The social networking website announced the takeover of the company known as Atebits which had been successfully distributing the Tweetie application for iPhones. Apple does not lend its name to the newly introduced Twitter for iPhone, initially known as Tweetie, launched by Twitter Inc. Tweetie was the best third party Twitter client for iPhones and has, as such, only improved its standing as the official Twitter Apps for the iPhone. Better yet for consumers, Twitter for iPhone is being released as a free application that is easily downloadable. Other third party users will probably find it necessary to pull up their socks if they intend to give Twitter Inc. any kind of competition.

Twitter for Android

The end of April saw a much awaited addition to the bandwagon when Twitter announced the official Twitter Apps for the Android Operating System Smartphones. Again, available as a free download, the Twitter for Android upped the ante at the market by quite a large margin. Some amazing features are put on offer for the millions of Android customers. They can now enjoy deep integration with the OS like contact linking that only Twitter for Android offers. The notification bar has been worked upon by Twitter and now allows constant notifications from friends and family. The drawback for this App currently is that it works only on some versions of the Android phones like the Éclair.

Twitter seems to have waited a long time to take ownership of these official Apps for BlackBerry, iPhone and Android as according to the official spokesperson, they at that point in time lacked all necessary resources. Now with all the cards on the table, Twitter can revel in its official Apps but independent developers have more and more creative freedom in today’s fast paced world and even giants like Twitter will have to constantly improve to appease fickle consumers.