Computers are becoming more and more user friendly to the extent that even kids at a very early age can learn to use computers and even access the Internet. We know that Internet is an open library of information. And website owners don’t know that an eight year old kid is accessing explicit information served by that particular website. Data should be available only to those who are more mature about these topics. How did he get this information when you already put Parental Control in your computer regarding downloading of information? Although we cannot really give 100% control all the information being downloaded from the net, at least, we can filter the data being accessed by our kids by using more controls on our computer.

Parental Control on Applications

Several browsers also employ parental control. By applying passwords and keywords to block, you can filter the information being downloaded into your computer and thus rely on safe browsing by your child. The most common parental control is in the Internet Explorer browser. By clicking Tools > Internet Options, under the Content tab, you can specify what information that can be allowed by your browser and control the websites being accessed.

Parental Control on XP

Users of Windows XP and Vista have different ways of setting up the Parental Control. In Windows XP, the Parental Control can be set up still under the Internet Options > Content tab. By clicking the Enable button in the Contents tab, you will be able to block several websites you knew that displays explicit information.

More advanced Parental Control in Vista

However, Parental Control was developed and upgraded in Windows Vista. In Vista, the Parental Control is not limited only on the browser but on the whole profile as well. A separate account will be created for a controlled computing. It was added under User Accounts and Family SafetyParental Controls.

It has settings for several levels of security in Parental Controls, including Windows Vista Web Filter, Time Limits, Games and Allow and Block Specific Programs.

Adding More Protection

One of the newest breakthroughs is adding additional Parental Controls. These will ensure safer computing for your child. The following are the ways on how to add additional parental controls.

  1. Parental Controls can be found under the START menu. Under User Account and Family Safety, choose Setup Parental Control For Any User. You should be using and Administrator’s account in setting the additional parental control.
  2. In Additional Controls, choose a provider of the controls that you want to add in Select a Provider box. Choose a user account that you want to apply these additional controls.
  3. Follow the setup instruction that appears on the screen.

Applying these simple steps would give you more security for your child and you are sure that what he is accessing in computers would be good for him.