Mozilla has proudly released updates for its products, namely the Thunderbird e-mail client and Firefox browser. The updates are supposed to render Thunderbird and Firefox more secure, stable and hence safer for the users. One of the update is Firefox 3.6.7 which comes armed with the guarantee to fix a total of as many as 14 security crunches. Out of the vulnerabilities covered under it, 8 are rated as most severe. Out of the rest two have the security rating of being “high” and 4 are rated ‘moderate”.Firefox 3.6.7 definitely goes a long way in making things safe. It is being highly recommended to fix security problems and ensure a respectable quality of safety. The existing users of Mozilla’s Firefox 3.6.X are getting the option to update their older versions to the current Firefox 3.6.7. It is available in more than 70 different languages and requires a G4, G5, G3 or Intel-based Mac, Mac OS X 10.4 or later and a 128MB RAM to install it and thereafter run.

Worth mentioning here are the facts that goes behind rating of the security vulnerabilities. The most potentially dangerous is the Critical category, where the malware swiftly uses the vulnerability to run on its own, and an attacker code and install the software. It doesn’t require user interaction, more than plain and simple browsing. In case of the group slated as High, the vulnerability is used to pool sensitive and important data from certain sites in another window. It can also maliciously plant some incorrect data, code or link which also can be activated by normal browsing activities. Moderate are those Vulnerabilities which would otherwise be termed as High or Critical except for the fact that they only operate in non-default configurations which are not common or requires the user to do complicated steps, which he or she is unlikely to take.

The critical issues answered includes “potential remote code execution triggered by a maliciously formed PNG image, malicious CSS coding, or malicious web pages containing a very large number of items to be handled by plugins.”The high-impact vulnerabilities answered had the both the potential to enable data to get ‘stolen’ from one site using another. lastly the moderate issues includes those “related to data being accessible across domains, methods for spoofing the contents of the location bar, and a text handling flaw that might be used in cross-site scripting attacks”. It is being said that along with these many unspecified stability fixes also features in the update.

Windows and Mac users will discover that Firefox downloads automatically the update, but it is also true that the process may be prompted with the Check for Updates command.

Mozilla has been pushing the two upgrades hard for some time now. It is also recommending strongly the remaining users of the older versions of Firefox to upgrade it for free. “We strongly recommend that all Firefox users upgrade to these latest releases. If you already have Firefox, you will receive an automated update notification within 24 to 48 hours. This updates can also be applied manually by selecting “Check for Updates…” from the Help menu” says the beta on Firefox 3.6.7.

It has made Firefox 3.6.7 and Firefox 3.5.11 available as absolutely free downloads for Windows, Mac, and Linux from the site For stability and security purpose the upgrade is deemed necessary.