If you have downloaded the Mozilla Corporations Firefox 4.0 beta version, you would have already noticed the improvements and the functionality of the beta version of the browser. However, if you just want to experience the new beta version of the browser and do not want it to run or work on beta version alone but use both versions of the browser at the same time; if you wanted to do this you would have noticed the problems. Here I will tell you, tricks so you can open both the older and the beta versions simultaneously and work, test, compare and experience.

Improvements from the past

Obviously Mozilla corporations Firefox 4.0 beta is not flawless; but it certainly has many-advanced functionality, which I personally is enjoying and looking forward to experience even better in the full version, when it is released. You can always download to test previous add-ons that you were used to on to the new Firefox beta 4.0.  If you been using the Firefox 4.0 beta,you would already know about the cosmetic changes like the tab display changes, button features for bookmark and the change in stop and refresh key, which had be merged into one; the enhanced crash protection for all supported platforms on Windows, Linux and Mac. Along with several web developer add-ons functionality with advanced API’s and new HD HTML support. Mozilla Firefox 4.0 is currently the only browser supporting WebM video format.

The drawbacks

The drawback is that you are not able to simultaneously run both versions at the same time, after you have downloaded the Firefox 4.0. You would have to exit from one of the version to operate the other. Also if you have noticed, when you download the new beta version, by default it saves all the profiles and bookmarks from your older Mozilla firebox; this suggests that it uses the same profile folder for both versions of the browser.

Quick fix

Here is what you need to do to run both versions of Mozilla corporations Firefox browser on your computer. Start by creating a shortcut for both versions on your desktop. Then under you Run box type thisC:\Program Files (x86)\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe –p –no-remote and hit enter. This will open a profile box where you can create profiles and name it accordingly for two versions of Firefox.  After saving the profile names right click on each versions shortcut key that you had created on the desktop and choose Properties. In the properties window click on Shortcut tab and at the end of the target field add this –p PROFILE –no-remote.  This will ensure each of the versions of Firefox can be opened at same time. By created profiles Mozilla Firefox will open its individual profile.

This way you can experience and work simultaneously on both versions of Firefox. So you can understand the difference, try and test and / or change or modify how you would like both versions of Mozilla Firefox to work for you; until the full version of Mozilla corporations Firefox 4.0 is released.