Firefox 4.0 Beta is the latest version of the Mozilla Firefox web browser. Firefox is one of the most popular web browsers in internet world. The new version of these brows is one of the secure and user friendly versions available. There are lots more new options available in the newest version of Firefox. Firefox shipped free with Mac and Linux operating systems. It is also available free for Windows also. Firefox 4.0 has also so many new features like it has interactive audio and video HTML features. These features make this browser interesting and friendlier. There is big competition from Google’s Chrome and Internet Explorer that is the reason Firefox included so many new features in its newest version. Linux is also getting popular these days due to its new found graphics user interface and people are prefer it because of good security and networking features.

The latest Firefox 4.0 has been released a long ago but there is a problem with this browser if you are using Linux. There are different versions available for both Linux and Windows. The Firefox 4.0 has the hardware acceleration technique which is great if you are using Windows as your operating system but there is a problem with Penguin, a Linux operating system. It can work on both Windows XP and Mac OS also.

Mozilla developer Boris Zbarsky told OS News that this problem is occurring due to the OpenGL drivers on Linux is full of bugs. He also told that it could crash an X server if it would be painted without thinking like Jackson Pollock. In Linux hardware acceleration had to be disabled and also WebGL for most of the Linux drivers. But it is also mentioned that some of the closed source drivers are okay with Linux and can also run something similar to Direct2D on Linux through Xrender. But the main problem is different and you will only do this if you will be able to find a driver, also it is very difficult to find X version which are not pants. It is also well known that the Unix derived X display subsystems in Linux has been really complicated and full of bugs for many years.

Browsers are getting better with every new version and internet users are demanding more from them. So, it is very important for all including Firefox to get the perfect application and to also get the more consumer base. As Linux is also getting more users, Firefox has to reduce the gap between Windows and Linux. They have to find a perfect solution for this problem. Linux is also working on its openGL drivers to get rid of the bugs as Firefox has the hardware accelerator and these bugs only stopping Firefox from correct functioning.