Mozilla is certainly on a hike with the Firefox product range on every front. Recently, it has been approved to enter into the Apple’s App Store through its recently developed product Firefox Home. Firefox home is an official product from the Mozilla foundation developed by some of the very technical developers in the company. The application tends to provide users with a medium to communicate on the internet as well as between devices having Firefox versions.

A Glance at the features

Firefox home allows all the iPhone and iPod users to synchronize data between their iPhone, iPod and their desktop computer related to Mozilla Firefox. Users can now transfer through synchronization, the bookmarks, open tabs and history between devices. Both the iOS based device and the computer needs to have Firefox installed for the communication to go through.

Firefox Home uses one of the very special free services provided by Mozilla known as the Firefox Sync in order to create synchronization between the application and the user’s account. The data can be transferred quite easily without worrying to look for all the minor yet important details. The desktop version of the application needs to be integrated with another of the free plug-in to communicate with the user account. The feature is available in all Firefox versions beyond 3.5.

The Hardcore facts About Mozilla Home

Apple has a strict policy with the application development and this is the reason why developers face a lot of issues making an iPhone application but there is nothing that one can do about this. The policy was the hindrance that didn’t let Mozilla create a mobile version for the rendering engine for the iOS. This means that Firefox Home is going to use the WebKit engine that comes with iOS by default in order to display different web pages. Both the engines are more or less the same in every aspect and you can have performance of equal caliber so that does not make a lot of difference. Novice users might not even find any difference at all in the performance of both the rendering engines.

Unfortunately, the plug-ins that has been a clear distinction of Firefox in the world of web browsers is not available in the Firefox Home. Probably the plug-in feature was the reason to this much popularity of the web browser on the desktop machines. One will certainly wonder the future to be better with Apple allowing more into the application store with less policy implementations.

You can have your copy of Firefox Home from the Apple’s App store for free. It only requires you to have an iPhone or iPod touch with at least iOS 3.1 or higher. The application is also compatible with iOS 4 but the developers have not made any feature that will make it get the best out of the iOS 4’s features. The application will react the same was as iPhone even in the iPad.