One of the most popular browsers in the world of internet browsers is Firefox from Mozilla. The browser has undergone serious changes and has provided users from all around the world with a secure and interactive browsing experience throughout history. They have provided users with a light yet attractive interface in order to make sure that you get the best browsing experience from the World Wide Web.

Firefox 3.6.4:

Though the version of Firefox was expected quite earlier but the version has recently been launched. Like every time, the developers have tried to minimize the number of bugs with this version even. The most notable change is the protection against third party plug-in that has Adobe Flash on the top of the list. The previous versions of browser were having bugs and didn’t allow the browser’s built-in feature to install the plug-in at the first place.  You were supposed to make the installation manually by going to the source website, downloading the installation file, closing Mozilla Firefox and other similar browsers that were supposed to be integrated with Flash, execute the file and then install it completely.

The major issue was not this alone, while you were amidst a session watching some of the flash based movies or games or anything, you would encounter an error that The Flash plug-in has crashed and you need to reload the page to try again. This problem was frequent enough to bug you again and again. You even had no report generated against the errors.

Development Changes:

The browser has improved in the crash protection section that has been a key feature of the competing Google Chrome. Crash protection tries to minimize the frequency of Flash and other third party plug-in crashes. In addition, in case the third party plug-in crashes, you are not required to restart your session as the whole browser used to crash.

The latest development has removed a number of bugs in the structure of Firefox and therefore you get added protection against many of the issues that used to be there. In addition, this latest version features some of the addition security updates as well. The crash protection enables browser to use the out-of-process plug-in technology that runs all third party processes as a separate process. These major plug-ins include Flash, Quicktime and Silverlight that used to be the most frequently crashing plug-ins. The plug-in used to crash the whole of your browser and you used to lose your current session, the latest development avoids this and crash in the plug-in is a crash at the plug-in level only. The browser would be running normally while the page section with the implemented plug-in won’t work. You would be required to refresh the page in order to make sure that you have what you want.


The crash protection feature is available to Windows based systems and Linux based systems only. There are serious structural issues in the browser development therefore crash protection is not available to MAC OS users. The structural issues need to be catered properly therefore the developers have promised to remove the bug by the time Firefox 4 would be in the market.