Facebook is known as one of the most popular and fast growing social network which has integrated many users to it through the Internet. More users are becoming a part of this social network which has made Facbeook’s earning to rise greatly. The number of users has increased and so are the profits of the company which are due to the ads the social network gets and the clicks. This has made Facebook more than just the simple social network for letting the users find their old friends and classmates. With the increasing profits of Facebook, the social network is ready to compete with the old residents of the Internet i.e. Google and Apple etc.

Facebook’s fame

Facebook’s popularity has also increased with the passage of time. People use it for many different reasons and can spend long hours on it. Many great game developing companies have signed agreements with Facebook which has provided great services for the users and they enjoy playing these games on Facebook for the whole day.

Facebook Inc., which is the fastest growing social networking web site of the Internet today, has now added one new friend in Sacramento. This is going to be the first lobbyist of the company for trolling the corridors of the Capitol.

Addition of Lobbyist

William Gonzalez has now registered as the Palo Alto the first state level lobbyist of the company during the previous week. He had been hired by the company to the lobby of the Legislature and the Governor. Arnold Schwarzenegger on the issues which were related to the technology as well as with privacy. This was shown by the records of the state. The time has been fixed for this friendship as the contract would be valid till the month of September of this year.

Facebook’s comment

Andrew Noyes, who is the spokesman of Facebook, has said in one email message that it is the home state of ours and this is the reason why we are so interested in what is happening over here. When he was asked that what is the specific reason and quality that Gonzalez has been made a part of the lobby then Noyes only made the comment that Facebook is really happy about the fact that it should have a great range of the topics for the policy that are present in California, which is the capital of the nation and in other parts of the country.

The Internet Company which has more than 500 million of the users as a part of it, has started to hire the lobbyists in Washington during the previous year. The largest social networking web site has also been entwined in Sacramento politicking.

Chris Kelly, who is the former chief privacy officer of the company also ran for the general nominations of the Democratic attorney during this year but he lost the primary election during the June of this year to Kamala Harris, the Dist. Atty. of San Diego. Kelly was also accused by Harris in the ads of the television for designing the privacy policy of Facebook which has been condemned by millions of users throughout the country.