If you own a Mac and still believe that your device is absolutely safe from cyber infections then it’s time to wake up. It’s also time to get active and take preventive measures if you want to save your Mac computer.

According to a security firm, Dr. Web, a deadly malware named Flashback Trojan has affected more than 600,000 Mac computers worldwide. Out of these 600,000 Mac computers, more than 50 percent (around 303,449) are owned by U.S. customers. Canada is the second worst hit location with approximately 106,379 infected Mac computers. The U.K. and Australia have claimed the third and fourth spots with around 72,000 and 32,000 cases, respectively.

The Flashback Trojan makes use of Java vulnerability and web browsers to infect your Mac. It is capable of stealing your personal information. This incident is a sort of warning for all those Mac users who do not prefer any security measures while surfing the Internet.