What is Flipboard?

This flipboard is absolutely new and different way to access the social media streams. It is a new application which is a presentation by IPad application servers which claims it to be a first social magazine in the world. As you must be aware of the social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter etc, this Flipboard will connect to these social networking accounts and all the information gathered from there, it will try to use this information to make such an interface that will be the same in the kind of some magazine. It will create such an interface that will use the information on these sites and will present it you in the form of any article in a magazine helpful in creating a different exclusive web browsing experience such as any updates of the status from their friends and other shared links of news articles, videos etc and presenting it all in an attractive different layout that looks like a magazine. Just as you turn the pages in magazine, in the same way, items on sites will convert into articles and multimedia in the form of front and center.

Flipboard failed after too much of hype created:

Flipboard is an application brought to you by the IPad application servers. People had lot of anticipations and expectations from this so called world’s social magazine which just failed and got crashed after hype created for it. This application had guaranteed that it will make such a magazine that will be made by collecting the contents from social networking sites but the actual problem was faced when the users tried to login to their respective accounts but could not because the requests for the same had overwhelmed the servers of Flipboard. They had faced the messages of error which displayed that “Due to overwhelming interest we are currently limiting the rate at which we are accepting new Facebook and Twitter connections”. This simply indicates that the service is not available. They also requested their users that they should follow them at twitter with the name@flipboard for any updates on the pending status of the delays of server and keep patience.

The worse thing is that there is no solution to the pending cases till date. Now the company is working on adding the capacity of server and its going to bring a new version of this software which will make an account of all those users who are in the wait list for connecting to their respective Twitter and Facebook accounts and the company has claimed that those pending numbers of users will be intimated about their chance as soon as their application will be ready for its users to log in by giving them notification by sending mails.

So with this news one thing can be concluded that the company though has put many efforts to make this application a success but had been overconfident and ignored its major drawback of the server capacity. They created such hype that the demand for the same overloaded but at its launch, all drawbacks could be seen by its users.