Flock is a prominent web browser. It is fabricated on Mozilla Firefox codebase which is a  specialize in giving Web 2.0 and social marketing amenities put up into its user interface. On May 19, 2009 Flock v2.5 was released officially. Flock browser which can be downloaded freely supports Linux, Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows and Free BSD platforms. Media Services and social networking sites like Yahoo Mail, Gmail, YouTube, Facebook, MySpace, Blogger, Flickr, and Twitter etc can be integrated by Flock 2.5. It helps you to follow your friend’s updated profiles, uploaded photos etc. For this you’ve to log into the supported social networking sites.

Rise of Flock

Flock 2.5 version has introduced Twitter Search functionality via Facebook Chat. It has introduced instant messaging. Using its Media Bar, you can preview the online photos and videos. You can also subscribe to photo and video feeds. Flock 2.5 has a blog editor and reader. Using this, you can directly post to any designated blog. It has a feed reader which supports RSS Media, RSS and Atom feeds. It has a special component known as Webkit mail. Using this it is possible to check your mails offsite but your e-mails should be web based. You can compose new messages. From the Media Bar, you can drag and drop videos and pictures into a new e-mail message. It can support third party add ons which includes a number of Firefox additions.


With the release of Flock 3, the new age band of Flock has begun. It is now operating on the Google Chromium platform. Thus Flock has left behind the Mozilla Firefox platform and it has been designed with care so that the users can easily access online social media sites. Flock has noticed the complaints of its browsers and has made some impressive changes in Flock 3 and thus making it suitable for regular users.

Mozilla Firefox is the Number 2 web browser with Microsoft Internet Explorer being the first. It has many third party browsers. Over the past five years, the number of downloaders of Flock has been increased than Opera, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome and Safari. The appearance of  Flock 3 is similar to that of Chrome. It has started to include many social media tools using the Google Chrome’s prompt and effortless design on the Google Chromium platform.

. You can get an experience of using regular Chrome. Without reducing the pace or usability of Google’s browser, it gives many extra practical options. Flock CEO Shawn Hardin is expecting 70 million Flock downloads within a year. He has stated that only the tuning from Firefox to Chrome has given the way for its growth. He has also stated that he has noticed some differences between Flock 2.5 and Flock 3. No doubt Flock 3 beta will give a path for your immediate future.