Social networks have been an active part of your life in all this time. One can list a number of such options that are widely accepted by people from all around the world. Facebook is on the top of these lists where one can have their status updated and let the world know of what exactly is on their mind and what are they up to. An application would have helped a great deal of people in getting all their friends and connections followed from the single place.

A Boon to Social Network Freak’s

Connect your virtual lives with ease as twitter is launching some new tools that let you easily add your Facebook friends and your LinkedIn connections to the list of people you follow on the social network. If your friends from Facebook and LinkedIn are on Twitter, you can use the Twitter’s official application on those social networks to start following them with one click. This should be a boon to Social Network Users, because it let them follow everyone they know across three of the major social web platforms out there.

Get Automated

Whether you’re a casual Facebooker, or a full-time twit-a-holic , wouldn’t it be nice if you could just update your status in one place and have it update both your accounts ? Huge time saver right? Good news! Twitter has a Facebook application that will allow you to post all your tweets directly to your Facebook status. Very groovy! Okay, now let’s get automated and show Facebook and Twitter who’s boss!
The application not only allows you to syndicate your tweets to the world’s largest social network, but now has a feature that allows users to see which of their Facebook friends are also on Twitter and choose which ones they want to follow. The new feature could be huge: it brings existing Facebook connections into the Twitterverse, which is likely to spur new levels of engagement and growth.

Your Post & Status are Updated Automatically Through Micro-blogging Application on Each Linked Social Network Whether the post  or status is updated from Facebook or Twitter .

Controversial Issues

A few days ago the Facebook Twitter application isn’t working. According to Twitter, “The Facebook application cannot currently access your Facebook friend list. We believe this is an issue on Facebook’s end.” They have emailed Facebook to find out what’s going on. Facebook’s official statement to Twitter: “We are working with Twitter to resolve the issue.” LinkedIn also beefed up its Twitter integration last month. These are the Controversial issues faced by the application But still awesome tool .In The end of course, some prefer to keep their Chocolate and Peanut butter separate — they can just ignore these tools and keep on living’.

The integration is certainly one of the best applications around but needs serious follow up from all the parties as this seems pretty odd having the application that serves pretty good but does not come up with the desired function.