Experience yet more immersive and powerful game engine, points transfer, and scouting database in this latest release by Sports Interactive

Sports Interactive has released its latest game title, Football Manager 2012. Almost keeping a trend, several new features have been added in this version as well. Features such as player contract, loyalty bonuses, incentives, scouting, team interactions, etc have been tweaked for a better gameplay. In addition, efforts have been done to improve the appearance and visuals of the game as well. Two new camera angles have been included – ‘Behind Goal’ and ‘Director Cam’. Higher resolutions would let you view more on-screen information. Two new screens, named tactics and overview, have been included too. You would also notice a new tutorial and ‘how-to’ feature in this new version. The game has been developed for Windows and Mac OS.

Football Manager 2012 is a game that has almost everything about worldwide soccer players and clubs. Its previous versions have been a scouting guide for real-world clubs for a long time, which simply outlines the realistic and vast resource the game series offers in its game database. The first title of this series made its debut in 2004, which was published by Sega in association with Sports Interactive. However, the game was originally introduced for the first time in 1992 under the name Championship Manager, in partnership with the former publisher Eidos Interactive.

The developers, Sports Interactive, have kept the game engine very impressive and even better. You would experience flawless performance during the entire game. “We’re constantly watching the whole of the football world, and dealing with people inside football, to find out out what’s changing. It’s interesting how involved we’ve become in football, and how much the football world accepts us. Certainly among the younger people involved in the sport, they grew up playing Football Manager, and now they’re going into positions of power in clubs; its influence is only going to become more prevalent,” said Miles Jacobson, managing director, Sports Interactive.

You can buy this game from the official website of Football Manager 2012. To download more such soccer games as Google Chrome extensions, click here.

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