Android is an operating system which is basically a Linux based open source operating system   and contains Java libraries. General thought is that Google owns Android, not only Google there is Open Handset Alliance which has  a group of 65 technology and mobile companies including mobile operators, semiconductor companies, handset manufacturers; software companies commercialization companies who own Android. Twitter wants to released their official application which has a few features that are absent on other Twitter clients and it’s particularly for android guys.  And the result is that it narrowly edges out Seesmic as the third best Twitter application in the Android Market and Bird is the Word which is originally appeared on Android Guys.

Android has an open market place for the third party android application developer, that’s why they can presents instant publishing and feedback and they can easily provide android application development on any platform like Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X.

You can easily open Seesmic directly into your timeline which have a very simple tab-style interface. These tabs are separated into four categories, which are like Timeline, Replies, Messages and last one is Profile and these interfaces are very simple and straightforward. If you want to click on Timeline then it will show you the most recent tweets for the individuals you follow, now if you want to clicking on Replies then it will show you all of you mentions.  Each page has a long refresh button on the top side which makes easy for update your timeline. If you want to click on your profile tab then it grant you to access your favorites which is a list of people you follow, and your followers, and also user-created lists.

Basically Touiteur (French for Twitter) comes with three available widget sizes which are a single-tweet sized widget, a three-tweet sized widget, and a five-tweet sized widget. The widgets have only available in the premium version which really set this application apart from its competitors. The widget has some features like clean, updates quickly, and three hidden buttons along the bottom of the widget which are very easy to use. The buttons which can allow you to tweet directly from the widget that manually update the widget and scroll through tweets. The widget only can adds to the overall enjoyable experience which provided my Touiteur.

Seesmic does not have the threaded messages like Touiteur and these have a particular way to follow it and read an entire conversation on your Twitter. If you want to clicking on an individual tweet then it will show you who posted it and when it was tweeted and also who it was in reply to. Basically it takes a while to load replies and for that reason the system is not ideal, but it is a nice feature nevertheless. If you want to click on a person’s name which will bring you to their profile and from that profile you can reply to their tweet, if you want to send them a direct message and want to perform a few other tasks you can do it very easily.

Like other Twitter clients, Seesmic also affords you the opportunity to choose when you want to receive your notifications, your URL shortening service and your photo uploading service. If Seesmic falls short then it’s become widget. Seesmic offers just one widget, and the widget is light on features. Seesmic is a nice free Twitter which is offering for Android. On occasion, loading of this process can be slow and even unresponsive and also the application’s feature set is bare.