Foursquare is in for rapid market expansion of its social media apps. Right after announcing the release of its iPhone app a few days ago, Foursquare is now scheduled to release its app for the android platform.

Experts have predicted that the tablet platform may play a key role in developing the market integration for popular social media websites even more than the smartphone. The tablet is proving to be a link between the smartphone and the PC due to which it has become imperative for leading consumer electronics companies to focus on.

Foursquare 2.0 for the Android edition have the similar features to the iPhone version, which also includes the importance of on Tips and To-Dos application. This application had however been given a prominent location in the android platform.

Other features of Foursquare 2.0 app include visual alerts which alert users when they are near venues tagged on their To-Do lists. Tips are also ranked by popularity and are featured prominently on venue pages.

Various features on the app are easier download as by just clicking on “Add to My Foursquare” allows users to add a venue or tip in the To-Do item app.

The release date of the app on Blackberry has not been announced. However it is expected that the Foursquare app for version 2.0 android platform will be released soon.