After the launch of CNN’s application for the iPhone and iPad touch in the US in the year 2009, CNN has now come out to announce the release of the international version of the CNN App on its stores. Available for free to its users outside the United States, the international version is purpose built and designed to provide a “Visually-driven news experience” for the iPhone and the iPod touch users who have demanded for convenience and accessibility. The previous release was well received by users for its immense interface and vast amount of content.

How it works

The International version has a similarity to the original app. A big difference between the two however, is the price. While U.S customers pay $2 for the CNN application, customers outside the U.S can download the international version for free.  When you first launch the application, you are presented with a list on new stories. There is a thin scrollable toolbar at the top of the screen that lets you choose from a long list of categories. The list includes World, Crime, Entertainment, Health travel, Technology and living just to mention but a few. You can further scroll through the list of stories in each category and tap into one to read more.

The screen orientation is flexible from landscape to portrait.

“My CNN Personalization”

The application allows its users to customize their news experience from time to time. You can choose specific news and subjects and follow them so that you can get automatic regular updates when you launch the app later on, on the news and alerts. You can also save the news for offline reading or future use.

Depending on your geographical location, the app will frequently update you on regional news.

There is also the iReport option which connects you to CNN’s news community which is generally generated and updated by its users. With this option, you can browse, download and upload your own stories and clips. Users can also share stories through Twitter, Facebook or e-mails by using the application.

Word from CNN

According to Luis Gump, CNN’s President of mobile, the decision to offer the application for free was not easy. “If only you knew the amount of time that had gone into this particular topic… We looked at it from different perspective and we consulted with our international team.”

He further added, “CNN’s new app will offer our international audience a fantastic mobile experience for our iPhone and iPod users by delivering new feature and user-friendly designs… CNN is completely dedicated and ready to meet the needs of consumers and this application will be an important contribution to that effort.”

Gump also said that in the course of time, a paid version of the application with added functions could be introduced. The app will only offer regional news and access to videos of late breaking news will be disabled.

For Nick Wrenn, Vice president of Digital services for CNN International. “Our users, understand that the world is a highly connected place. Our main aim with the CNN App is to meet their needs, putting relevant news analysis, video and images right at their fingertips. While at it, we will try to relay the news in a form that is relevant and easy to understand.”