About Skype

Skype is a software application that allows its users to take the advantage of voice calls over Internet. If any user has availed the Skype service, then making voice calls to other users who has also availed the Skype service will be absolutely free and otherwise the calls to other users will be carrying the cost by using the debit based user account system. It has also some other features such as instant messaging, video conferencing, file transfer and many more.

Skype runs in background on iPhone

The feature of Skype in the latest version of Apple’s IPhone is a matter of discussion everywhere in this high tech environment. The feature which makes it different from other cell phones is that Skype can receive the incoming calls even when any application is running in the background invisibly. Apple has added the multitasking feature in its Operating System and the result of this feature is that now it allows the VoIP applications to continue to run in the background giving an indication of the incoming call to attend. This Skype updated feature is new and it is not there in any previous versions of Apple.

So it can be said that the user can replace his present mobile with the IPhone with Skype feature that will continue to run in the background when the user will attend the calls or messaging somebody giving the alert of the call or message. When the user wants to reply the call, he/she has to press the button which pops up.

Benefits for using the Skype feature of iPhone

There are many advantages and reasons for using this well featured phone one of which is that though up till now Skype don’t have access to front  facing camera for making video calls, but still it does it over the 3G phones and in future, it will not even charge anything for this facility. The other benefit is that the international calls will also become cheap by this Skype. When it will be made available on IPad, then wherever the user is, user can all from anywhere without taking any phone contract. The decision to make the 3G calls free for unlimited period gives another reason to use it as this facility is not available on the iPhone with normal features, an additional advantage for those users who have Skype accounts which provides the telephone numbers that are real and not wrong. AT&T came up with the scheme of “Unlimited” usage of Skype for months which was not given by Apple at that time as it had only given the limited usage amount  of data for upload and download over the wireless data connections of phones with 200 MB or 2GB monthly capacity at that time. But this scheme of AT&T made the way and helped Apple to release its new multitasking IPhone with Skype feature support.


While doing the Skype chatting on iPhone, you will not run out of minutes but can run out of kilobytes especially if that is the video chat enabled fewer than 3G. This limitation will give its competitor, AT&T chance of supporting unlimited Skype calls by its users with their limited data plans. This multitasking feature of Skype will run on iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS and iPod Touch, and soon it will be applicable on IPad also. Even if IPhone is locked, Skype calls can be received at the same time when other applications are already running.