Google has just come up with something new to encourage a number of business owners to take a full advantage of their new system of Tags Advertising program. Google Places has now put forward a trail period of 30 days for the people who join the program by the 23rd of July, 2010.

About Tags

This specific product of Tags has been closely designed to enhance the listing of Google maps of local businesses. The can simply achieve this target by writing a note about the special offers being catered, discount coupons or just simple link backs to the websites of these businesses.

The Benefit of Tags

The major problem of the Google Maps/ Places is that the map often looks like seashore flooded with red colored sea shells. This way a lot of businesses remain undiscovered. But with this service of tagging a yellow tag will help a business stand out in all those flooded red pins. Adjacent to tag would be a line of text. When the tags are clicked it shows users a lot of specials offers or announcements done by that specific business. Some of the local businesses are simply using this as opportunity to get traffic to their website directly from Google Maps or listing’s view, with getting into the hassled of going through an individual list first.

Tags have been labeled as “Sponsored” like the famous Google Adwords but more interestingly the availability of the tag does not affect the order or placement of the listings. Google has planned to charge a flat rate of $25 per month when the user would end up their 30 day free trial period. This is unlike of the pay per click model followed by the most popular product, Google Adwords.

More About Tags Advertising Program

Google has initially launched this tag service in only 11 cities as this is the beta launch. And soon these tags would be going nationwide. These yellow tags surely seem to give new dimensions to the local businesses and would help them increase their marketing by a great deal. People, who will hover over the yellow tag or wil click on a Google’s sponsored link, will be allowed to view a lot of specific coupons, photos, video, menu or other select features.

About Google

Google started in January 1996 as a final project of computer sciences by Larry Page and Sergey Brin. This was when they were pursuing their PhD at Stanford University in California. Thanks God like every other computer science genius, they were not college drop outs. These two thought out the box to create a new strategy to rank the pages. The original search engines rank the pages by the number of keywords that are searched, appear of the page. But these two came up with a lot better idea. They thought of working of the science that analysis the relationship between the pages and also to check the importance of all those pages that linked back the original website. RankDex was a small search engine that was working on almost the same principal. The two guys, Page and Brin, originally named the giant search engine “BackRub” that actually means that verification of the links back to the web site.