If you are of the opinion that the Microsoft browser that you are using on your computer or tablet is absolutely safe then hold on! Here is something that will certainly make you think again. Even, the latest and safest browser from Microsoft i.e. Internet Explorer 9 is not totally hack proof.

In a recent annual hacking event named Pwn2Own, a team of experts from VUPEN Security brought down Internet Explorer 9 by taking advantage of two bugs, an unpatched heap overflow flaw and a memory-corruption vulnerability. They used the two bugs to execute the attack code that allowed them to bypass the Protection Mode security feature embedded in Internet Explorer 9.

“It was difficult because the heap overflow vulnerabilities are not very common,” said Chaouki Bekrar, CEO and chairman of VUPEN Security. “They [the flaws] are rare but they are useful, because you can use the same vulnerability to achieve memory leak and thus bypass ASLR,” he added.

The experts from VUPEN Security showcased their brilliance by hacking Google Chrome on the first day of this annual hacking contest, which was held at the CanSecWest security conference in Vancouver.