Platform: Android
Developer: OneLouder Apps
Price: $4.99

Are you a Facebook addict? Do you love accessing your Facebook account, no matter where you are? Don’t worry, you are not being accused for anything. Nowadays to keep your status updated on Facebook is a craze. It’s a sort of addiction that compels you to come back again and again to check updates from your family and friends. The commendable increase in the rate of Facebook users’ explains the popularity of this social networking site among people of all age groups.

Seeing the hype, which this social networking platform has created, the tech giants and networking service providers are offering various Facebook related apps. Mobile apps make it easier for you to access your various social networking pages while on the go. However, with these apps there might come certain unwanted advertisements and viruses to bug you.

Do not worry. Here is a perfect Facebook app that will offer you only what is needed. FriendCaster Pro for Android is the most appropriate app to make your Facebook experience more fun-filled and easier. You will feel safe with an enforced SSL Encryption and a new action bar Interface. It comes pre-loaded with many exciting features that are mentioned below:

For notifications:
FriendCaster checks the Facebook notification e-mails and offers Gmail/K9 Push notifications.
• Friends’ birthdays and incoming new messages are notified well in time.
• There are pop-ups for notifications on receiving SMS that can be seen even of the screen is locked by the user. These have option for quick replies too.

For new Posts:
• You can easily share browser links and will not be redirected to the Mobile Web.
• Check the comments, likes, and customize privacy setting for each and every Facebook profile or update that you make.
• Re-sharing of posts is even more convenient and you can easily remove or add the photographs of your friends.
• Friends can be added as favorites for quicker access.

For Photos and Videos:
• Upload multiple photos and videos.
• View all the tagged photos and tag other photos as well.
• Upload photos in group as well.

Other notable features of this app are:
• Excellent widget
• Search of places
• RSVP to events
• In-built Inbox view
• Vibrate, LED and sound alert options
• Chat, themes and contacts syncing with table layouts

The app is one of its kind and offers the most reliable Facebook access. It is easily available on the Android market place. You can even download the app from Facebook fan page.