It is just one of those auspicious days in which you have to thank someone to be there for you, and give them a gift as a symbol of recognition and respect.  But a mother is just not any other person; she deserves your recognition and respect for all the love that she has offered to you.

If you are celebrating mother’s day next month, then you might have been thinking all this while, that what would be the best gift for your mom. Well the word “gift “would certainly bring a good impression on your mom if you give her a new gadget.  Most individuals like to give flowers or post a card, but with a series of new releases and competitions heating up recently in the technology industry, what could be a better option than technology?

Some of the gadgets that you can gift your mother next month are as follows:

1) Digital Photo frame by Pandigital

This is not a genesis of the iPad or any touch screen display, but the Pandigital is a photo frame which enables you to store your photos in a built in memory card of the photo frame. Some of the features of photo frame include; screensaver, changing picture screen with one second delay, visible screen display which enables you to see the photos on the frame. This touch screen photo frame does not have a wireless connectivity to the Internet or blue tooth device; however you can upload photos through a flash drive.

2) iRobot Roomba Vacuuming Robot

Not only your Mom but your family and neighbors’ will envy you for giving such as perfect gift as the iRobot Roomab Vacuum cleaner. This vacuum clear has its own intelligence of cleaning the floor, carpet, or rug. It has a proven technology of never going over the same spot twice.  Besides what would make your mother more happy then having an “iRobot” to do all the cleaning for her.

3) Netgear Skype Phone

Do you find yourself to be far away from your mother? Well now you can bridge this gap, by getting a Skype enabled Netgear phone. Since, your calls will be in Skype you will be able to call free of cost. Skype enabled phones take a great advantage of VoIP technology which is not only cheaper, but lets you make calls it great audio quality sound.

4) iPod FM Transmitter

Now if your mother is a great fan of the radio, then the iPod FM transmitter would certainly enable her to listen to her favorite FM channels, and also enable her to listen to regular podcasts.  Your mother will have an endless list of music to listen to. Besides if you want her to be part of the iPod revolution then what better gift than the iPad FM transmitter will be for her.

5) iPad

You may have thought that this was coming. But yes you are right I cannot leave the iPad out of this list. I am including this at the end of my list simply because this will become a common gift through mother’s day. But apart from that, the iPad will offer your mother, a unique touch screen interface, through which all her tasks will be simplified.

These are just some of the top five gifts that you can get your mother next month. However before buying any of these recommended gadgets I would strongly suggest that you understand your mother’s taste for technology, only then you think of giving her due recognition for the love that she has given you.