Japan’s largest IT firm has come out with the latest claim that it did not fire its ex President Mr. Nozoe due to criminal links but due to health reasons.

The latest row between Fujitsu and its ex-President comes in retaliation to the reasons given by Mr. Nozoe for his resignation to the media. Fujitsu held a media conference yesterday and explained that it defends its action on firing Mr. Nozoe as he was engaged in anti-social links. What may seem as an IT major detracting itself from the known accusation, Fujitsu claims that its actions are justifiable.

At the media conference Fujitsu also apologized about the fact that it had earlier fired Mr. Nozoe on the false basis of his health reasons. They said that the investors were not particularly happy as it had caused great embarrassment to them and the Tokyo Stock exchange.

In the five page document released, Fujitsu claimed the ex-boss was fired in September 2009 as he had investment funds that were linked to the underworld.

This confirmation has certainly shocked the Japanese corporate world as businessmen in Japan are often looked to be free of criminal conspiracies.

Fujitsu is a major IT player in the world. With its flagship of printers, Fujitsu has maintained a dominant role in researching and improving upon technologies with new product releases.