Which is the main browser of your system? What browser do you prefer? A few years back, everybody heard about some guys that where trying to turn our web browser into a new operating system on our PCs. Am I right? Basically, all the applications on your PC would be opened through a browser. Your documents could be easily stored and found from anywhere.

Additionally. Google Docs is in many opinions the best implementation as online office suite. But it is not the only one out there. PCs have come a long way in the last few decades. Technology runs faster than everything on this planet and one of the reasons for this rapid development and increase in pure computing power, has nothing to do with business, it’s only a matter of entertainment. PC games are the strongest force, (linked to young costumers and also not so young), pushing for faster and more powerful PCs. So, it would make sense, if would be only few years or better months till PC games followed the path of office into our browser window. Are we sure of that? What do you think? Games have been available via the web and in browsers since a long time, but try to remember when was the last time you could play a First Person Shooter in your web browser? Did you remember that? Was 2008 or the beginning of 2009. So, is all this stuff only related to video games? All the research tightly connected to video games, what is changed since 2009? Chrome? Iron? Mozilla? Opera? Whatever you need, you can get it easily. But, what are we really searching? Opera sings different from the other browsers, it sings a special tune, and it sounds excellent. This product has all of the entertaining and practical features we need.

We have found few outstanding features, include interactive voice, mouse gestures, thumbnail previews, quick find and customizing skins. Opera is one of the only browsers that could give us the chance of an interactive voice commands. You can surf the web by talking to your browser, do you believe that? It’s amazing! The browser will even read text to you. You can obviously configure Opera as you need, modify it and design it as you like. Arrange toolbars, panels and buttons choosing from a multitude of unique skins and several widgets. Meanwhile, we couldn’t overlook some serious compatibility issues. We are looking forward to this browser becoming a bigger household name and getting better compatibility web-wide.