I think I would not be confronted if I claim internet to be the fastest growing technology of all! Indeed it is the only technology that is to have blossomed so much so to the awe of almost everyone right from business people using it for marketing to ordinary people using it for shopping and gathering information. Why not, there is even no harm in calling this technology as the best socializing platform with so many social networking sites enabling people to share what they are up to every moment!

So when you wonder what else can be made possible through the internet you would easily be convinced that there is literally nothing more! Such is the growth and development of the web world. But hold on!! Am going to throw few things before you that are yet to hit the internet! The following may be an uninteresting session of jargons for laymen but it certainly is a thought provoker for those who are keen to explore and exploit this technology that is under constant evolution!

What may evolve as the most amazing technology are the developments in the field of mobile networking. Bluetooth technology which is currently making waves for data transfer and control between even hybrid systems such as laptops and mobiles seems to have lots in store for mobile networking and P2P communications too. A website can well be the platform for interacting with your fellow mate! There are also many overwhelming predictions that in near future you might be able to interact on location with your favorite tourist spot!

Another very interesting thing with the future of the internet that is expected to be a great hit is the controversies surrounding the .com expansion! For all those who had for long time wanted to get rid of the .com expansion just to endorse your brand in your website uniquely, here is some good news. There may be new extensions that you can possibly subscribe for! Ever have you have been able to own websites without a .com extension? Well, maybe you can in the future!!

The future of internet has so much sophistications that I must say that “Necessity is the mother of invention” has probably become incompatible. These days it is luxury that is the mother of invention. When people found it strenuous to connect to the web sitting in front of their desktop, laptops forayed into the market! Then came internet access from mobile phones something without which we hardly set out from our home! In the future may be you can have a screen displaying a news website on your vegetable cutter board! Well for readers laughing at this as an exaggerated impossible joke, I stress that it is an every inch possible thing! May be an incredulous technological advancement may be the right name for it!

Well, I don’t wish to conclude on a note that the future of the internet is heading to a world that is absolutely needless (the above technology of surfing web from any device may project so). Well just think! If a cook can surf web and get a new meal suggestion every day, won’t you appreciate it?