In the latest technology craze, T-Mobile’s newly launched teaser page apparently comes as a promotion for the yet to be released G1 Blaze QWERTY slider based on the Android 2.2 and 14.4Mbps HPSPDA connectivity. All indications were there would be a mega release soon but T-Mobile seems to be keeping its card close to its chest. Even so, prepare up for the coming slider. According to emerging reports, first noted in the BGR, apparently T-Mobile’s teaser page that it created just recently was a move aimed at promoting the release of its G1 Blaze QWERTY slider that the firm promises will change things.  With its supposed speeds, it remains to be seen what the gadget will do when and if it is released.


T-Mobile itself reiterates that their new tech addition, G1 Blaze will be able to support speeds of up to 14Mbps data transport in locations in which T-mobile’s HSPA and network is available. The new and upcoming G1 Blaze is also expected to be able provide a 3.7 inch WVGA screen, slide out QWERTY keyboards and will additionally be powered by a 1GHz Snapdragon processor. But above all, the new tech baby will be powered by Android 2.2 Froyo. If the reports are to be believed, then you might as well be reading about an interesting gadget that I can’t wait to lay my hands on.

Advanced Offerings

As such, the new device’s Android functionality is hoped to enable it offer enhanced corporate messaging and most importantly, for game lovers, it will considerable increase the performance of your games and web browsing like never before. Even better though, the new device and its Android powering will be capable of supporting Adobe Flash 10.1 plug-in, how cool is that! And the features keep getting better with the company boasting additional enhanced functionalities.

However, what everyone is keen on is how the slider from T-Mobile will fair. Historically, T-Mobile has never produced a high-end QWERTY slider and analysts are eagerly keen on the company’s plans. It is a game of wait and see if T-Mobile will decide to make use of the latest craze, the Android 2.2 and its acclaimed corporate functionalities as it targets mobile users.


On the other hand, interest will be put on T-Mobile’s G1 Blaze and if it will bring in any other new features to foment the effort. Will T-Mobile take the way of the recently released myTouch 3G Slide and provide consumers with enhancements; that we will have to just wait and see but the company’s moves will be critical in this regard. You will remember the first G1 came under lots of challenges even after T-Mobile had pioneered as the first carrier to operate the Android platform. The company’s Android powered phones have been outdone by those from its competitors such as HTC and Verizon.

In the meantime, the G1 has lots to prove if it has to stay afloat in the tough droids powered phones market.