The unconventional is often born out of the conventional. If you think that this statement persists in terms of Tag Heuer’s ultra stylist mobile phone called the Meridiist, then you are on the right track.  Although Tag Heuer has been one of the renowned watch makers for 150 years, it continues to create products of style statements in which Meridiist, Tag Heuer’s answer to the mobile phone.

Released in 2008 the Meridiist continues to be a style statement through which Tag Heuer has gained much attention. Well imagine this, you are the senior most executive of a multinational company and have just finished with a meeting. You look at your Meridiist for the next meeting appointment and immediately brisk of in your black BMW coupe.  While your brief exit everyone in the board room had their eyes on two things; your Tag Heuer watch and your Meridiist. This really isn’t a promotional pitch, but just a small glimpse of ingenuity that the Meridiist is created for.

Okay, let’s cut the race short, and come down to reality. This gadget is in for a price of $5000 to $ 6000. Doesn’t that wake you up to reality? Everyone knows that not everything is meant to be possessed.  After all this is not a concept mobile phone, but an ultimate gadget that is offered for sale.

To justify its price let’s look at its features :

  • Watch Functions: Contains a reversible clock, 1/100 of a second chronograph and incoming call identification
  • Display: Dual display, OLED technology with sapphire glass crystal
  • Navigation: Side buttons to which between time keeping mode and call mode
  • Camera: 2MP camera of 1200×1600 resolutions.
  • Cover: Ruggedized calfskin leather back cover for extrinsic look and ergonomic feel
  • Battery life: 28 days stand by with 7 hours talk time.
  • Audio: MP3 and AAC
  • Dimensions: 112mm x 46mm x 15.5mm

Meridiist comes in various customized design, with the Lamborghini Meridiist being the most exceptional one.  Now we really wouldn’t want to go into the price detail of that Lamborghini Meridiist.