Author: Tomas Slavicek
Version: 1.10.0
Download Size: 1 MB
Operating System: Windows Phone 7 or higher
Price: Free

Galaxy Jet is the latest space shooter survival game for Windows Phone 7, which is available for free. This app uses the motion and direction sensor of the phone to control the movement of the space jet. You can tap your fingers to shoot laser at the incoming asteroids to survive and navigate through the galaxy.

Windows Phone 7 users have something new to keep their fingers warm this winter – shooting lasers and destroying asteroids. Own your personal space jet and navigate through the galaxy in a new and exciting game called the Galaxy Jet. Control the jet by using the motion sensor of your Windows Phone to fly it upwards and downwards and gain special skills by tapping your finger on the power ups. This is not any ordinary space jet as it is equipped with laser gun, which you have to shoot at the incoming asteroids to clear your way through the inter-galactic space journey. To fire the laser, use the flick gesture from left to right or use the pinch gesture for generating a shock-wave around the jet. Get bonus score by shooting more than one asteroid in a row. However, beware of the yellow planets and avoid hitting them.

This app will use the data services, and movement and direction sensor of your Windows Phone. It will also confirm the identity of the phone and the user. So, enjoy this unique game, compete with other online scores and set new records.

Download this exciting game for free at the Windows Phone website, and shoot your way through the galaxy.