After the launch of Apple iPhone 4 there are many smart phones being launched which have quite similar features and interface. This war for smart phones is continuing and the major players are Apple and Google with their iPhone and Android operating system phones. The main company which is using Google’s Android operating system to power their smart phones and compete with Apple’s iPhone is Samsung. Recently Samsung has launched its new phone – the Samsung Galaxy for AT&T and T-Mobile users. These phones resemble quit a lot like Apple’s iPhone and have the same look and feel. They have similar kind of gestures and work they same touch screen way. Samsung has done business deals with four major US mobile carriers and has launched its new Galaxy series smart phones with their connections. These mobiles are named as T-Mobile Vibrant and AT&T Captive. Both these phones cost somewhere around $200 with a two year contract. These phones though don’t carry all the features of iPhone 4 but still are good competitors to Apple iPhone 4. These Samsung devices do not have front camera like iPhone but have other features which are missing from the iPhone 4. Features like a large screen and better integration of social networking makes Samsung’s new devices a better choice at this price.

Though the software and the technology behind the various versions of Samsung Galaxy is the same but the Mobile phone carriers like AT&T and T-Mobile have got the looks customised. The T-Mobile Vibrant has round corners but the AT&T Captive has angular shape and is slimmer than Vibrant. Both the phones are totally touch screen and do not have physical keyboards, however the Sprint model called as Sprint Epic has got a slide out Keyboard in it. Vibrant and Captive both are lacking in front camera but the Sprint model will be carrying the same. The Samsung Galaxy has got large AMOLED screen which gives better picture clarity and quick response to the actions but it stood second if compared to that of iPhone 4. Samsung is bundling the Galaxy series with a sharp 5 megapixel camera and this again challenges iPhone.

A key feature which is missing from iPhone is its integration with social networking sites. Samsung has added a feature in its Galaxy series with which users can add widgets on their phones and can view the status of their friends right on the home screen. The phone book is nicely integrated with the Social networking sites and keeps on displaying the status of friends if you are online and allow the widget to use the network. The application support for iPhone is around 225000 applications whereas the same for Samsung Galaxy is around 65000. Though it is very less but if we compare this number with the age of both phones than Samsung certainly is coming up rapidly. Samsung with the release of this smart phone has left behind the Blackberry phone and applications and is directing towards the highest. This war in smart phones and their technology will certainly benefit the users because they will get more on less price.