Samsung remains to be the second of the most earning mobile devices after Nokia internationally. The company has launched some real fantastic machines in the world of mobile devices. Though both Nokia and Samsung are not well paced in meeting the global demands of setting high standards in the cutting edge latest technologies, the company is still striving to maintain a good repute in the world of such devices by setting quality standards. The first of Samsungs product in the Table arena is the strangely named Galaxy Tape.


Apple has launched iPad and despite its ineffectiveness in providing the exciting services, the Apple logo has alone made two million units in two months. The tech geeks haven’t found to be anything extraordinary in them. HP is also coming up with the HP Hurricane that is running on the recently taken over Palm WebOS. The BlackBerry tablet is another of the current lineup in the tablet market with RIM doing the job as OS. Following them is the recently launched OS from Google in the form of Android that is being used up by Dell Streak.

Galaxy Tape- a closer look:

The device was supposed to be named Galaxy Tab that might have made a sense though. Galaxy Tape makes no logical sense as the tapes have long been taken over by many different technologies available around the world these days. Name is just the only thing that is non-happening in the device. The overall impact is pretty impressive and has attracted a great deal of tech geeks from around the world.


The device has a reasonable 7-inch Super AMOLED display, something that Samsung is revolutionary at. The display is a flat screen one giving some of the vibrant colors and textures. The device is running a 1.2 GHz A8 processor that gives it enough power to process some of the excellent applications around the Android world. The OS that is being used up is Android just like the Dell Streak but some of the exciting features set the Galaxy Tape distinguished compared to Dell’s Table PC.

Galaxy Tape has an internal storage of 16 GB that can be expanded to 48 GB with the microSD card slot available with the phone. The expected weight of the device is said to be around 12 ounces that is fairly reasonable. The display as well as the input sensing makes the device distinct amongst many of its rivals currently in the market. The TouchWIZ UI was not warmly welcomed in the smartphones but is expected to give a excellent experience to the people using the table PC.

Galaxy Tape is running on the Google’s Android OS that has been taken up by many manufacturers around the world of mobile devices. The device is supposed to strike the market with some of the very exciting features. Though the iPad didn’t come up that revolutionary in the Tablet PC world, still, that is being set as the standard and expectations are that Galaxy Tape can do great deals on the condition that the software and hardware are well coordinated in the device.