This is in regard to the newly launched Baby Sitting Mama game on Wii which is a sequel to the Cooking Mama range. The game is developed by Majesco Entertainment. Slip in your Wii remote, tuck in your nunchuk and you’re ready to babysit.

Cooking Mama was a game when launched on Wii became an instant hit as a family game and was a profitable venture. Cooking Mama introduced new Wii accessories to the world to play the game and became a good time to spend time with your family while also losing calories. Developed from the same stable is Baby Sitting Mama, which invites the users to play in a real time baby sitting scenario where in like the Wii remote there is an artificial baby with a tucked in Wii remote and sensors and you have to actually babysit the babies.

The game’s baby is developed very finely and looks very adorable, with a plush of shine on it. To provide the experience of a real time simulation the developer has tucked in a Wii remote in to the bay so that the player who will play the game has to interact not only with the game but also with the baby. Many activities will be tracked and keep a score of the players levels. Above it there is a cavity in the baby to put in one’s own Wii controller to mark the sensors about the player and his activity. The game is similar as the girls play with their dolls in real life; the only catch is here the girls also learn about baby sitting.

The game comes with a wide range of forty activities which include changing diapers, feeding. rocking the baby to sleep, playing with the baby, giving bath to the baby, bouncing the baby, making the baby walk, calming down the baby when is cries and many more activities to provide a vast range of gaming experience. The game contains six different babies at a time, which differ within a varied range of temper, coolness, personality, eating habits, usage of toilets and sleeping times. The catch is how efficiently the player or the girl would manage tow different babies at the same time, as each baby would be having its own different need. The players have the options to play indoors as well as outdoors, with different climatic conditions ranging from sunny to rainy. The game also supports dual player, as any additional help to the mother will be equally beneficent.

The opinion about the game is divided in market as one group says, it will devoid the real experience of mother and is also mocking the motherhood. While the group says it’s a great learning experience for mothers and may also encourage young girls towards motherhood. Whatever the outcome or the thought process may be, the final choice is towards the user, who is going to buy the game and play.