Linda Alvarez had gone down to her knees and she removed the blood of her nephew from the place where he was shot down. Her nephew was Andrew Galligo and was of 19 years and was the latest homicide victim of the city. She had been to the shopping center of Vinton Square of South Omaha to set up one pray and memorial for her nephew. While crying, Alvarez said that everything was filled by blood over there and she did her best to wipe it off. She further said that Galligo was hit two times in the head and one time in the chest at about 8:30 p.m. on Friday. Alvarez said that it was told to her by some other member of the family that a little time before he was shot, Galligo had come out from a bus near the Vinton Square. He was present in the parking lot of that shopping center. The police of Omaha had been looking for the white Chevrolet Cobalt, having four doors and had the model of 2008. Alvarez said that her nephew used to clean as well as cook for her and also used to take care of her as she was sick. Still, Galligo was someone different in the cyber world. He had portrayed himself in a different manner.

Facebook and MySpace

On the pages of both of the social networks, Facebook and MySpace, it had been claimed by Galligo that he had membership in the Lomas gang and over there his nick name was Lucky. On Facebook, Galligo had updated his status on Wednesday in which it was written that he is going to be a gangster till the day comes when he die. When Alvarez was asked about this thing and was asked to make comments then she dismissed the presence of any such gang and started to cry out for help for her nephew. She was of the view that it is not that Andy who is known to her and who used to be her nephew. She just shared that he was a gang wannabe and that was all.

Alvarez shared that he was such a person who just wanted to be loved. He wished to belong and have one good family and also wanted that all members of the family should be together. She further told that when he was only 12 years old then at that time he mother passed away and it was a very hard time for him. He was dropped out of the high school but had also planned to get one diploma which would be equivalent to that degree. He was in love with computers and music.

According to Galligo’s blog of MySpace, he wanted to have a better life. It was said by him in the month of May that he was dismissed from his job for keeping marijuana in his system. He was still of the view that he deserves to have the best things in life as he is the best of all.