Finally Xbox 360 gamers have a moment to rejoice. Microsoft has announced that the Gears of War Triple Pack will be available at your nearest games store from Feb 15.  The prolonged wait and the rumors had added to the speculation of the latest release in Gears of War line up. Microsoft’s recent announcement has finally put all the doubts to rest.  Gears of War Triple Pack have nothing to do with Gears of War 3 which will not be available or released until late this year. So Xbox 360 gamers have no option but to wait till the game is released. However, there is no reason for avid gamers to feel dejected, as Gears of War Triple Pack has something exciting to offer them.   Gears of War Triple Pack include the brostatic Gears of War and its sequel Gears of War 2: All Fronts Pack.  Besides this the buyers also get 19 multiplayer maps in All Fronts, and downloadable “Road to Ruin” DLC campaign.

The Dom and Marcus series of stealth missions did make the avid gamers a bit nervous; however with 19 new maps added to the game, the fun and excitement never seems to end.  The Gears Of War – Triple Pack is fully loaded to take you to a whole new level of gaming. Even gamers who have already experienced the thrill of Gears of War through the single campaign will experience a different thrill altogether with the addition of 35+ maps.

Sounds interesting, behold.  The most exciting part of this latest offering from Microsoft is the Gears of War- Triple pack will be available for just $30. Well, you would surely not like to miss on this.  Gamers who were not able to lay their hands on Gears of War or its sequel earlier can now finally immerse themselves in the richest and mind boggling world of gaming and finally get an opportunity to catch up with their friends.

Truly, the Gears of War is a gamer’s delight and anyone who is an avid fan of multiplayer games should not stay away from it.   Epic Games, the designer of this game, have confirmed that the Gears of War- Triple pack is an exclusive offer for the US. The triple pack will not be available elsewhere and the company has no plans to release it anywhere other than US.  The Gears of War- Triple Pack is a product that is set to entice veterans and newcomers alike. The Gears of War is the multiplayer game with the highest caliber with no other multiplayer game having the ability to challenge the gaming experience it delivers.  By announcing the release of Gears of War – Triple Pack in February, Microsoft has given you one more reason to celebrate than the usual Valentine Day Celebrations. So, what are you waiting for, book your Gears of War – Triple Pack now!