If something always makes you thinking about your computer with Windows 7 as its operating system is “How to get the best display on your monitor”. This is a frequently asked question that is considerably simple yet the answer to it is most of the time confusing.  However if you fall under the category of people who are desperate to learn the trick but haven’t yet, you will have all that you want to know regarding it, once and for all after you are done with this article.

Display and The type Of The Screen

Windows have always been widely reputed when it comes to high class display features emphasizing chiefly on the resolution, refresh rate and color. With Windows 7 things have just got better and friendlier than ever. These display settings however are dependent on the type of monitor you happen to be using.  The display features would be varying in character from a LCD monitor to a CRT monitor. In order to get that perfect display on your computer screen you might have to adjust the setting or restore them. In order to that you must have to go through the following procedure.

Display And Resolution of the screen

LCD monitors are more into vogue nowadays as they have massively replaced the previously used CRT monitors. However CRT monitors are also very much in utility today even though it is decreased. LCD screens are way lighter and sleeker than their CRT counterparts .LCD monitors also comes in a wide gamut of shape and sizes. These include wide screens and standard width screens with ratios of 16:9 or 16:10. Talking about laptops they also use flat screens .Something that is common for both LCD and CRT monitors is that higher the number of dots per inch, better would be the clarity of the fonts. With the increasing of your screen resolution would be increasing the screen resolution. But the fact is that your computer screen resolution depends on the capability of your monitor.  Monitors with higher resolution would have more items fit in them and the items appear sharper, the reverse happens in the case of a monitor with lower resolution. Windows usually provides you with the leeway of increasing or decreasing the size of text or other items on your screen without affecting the monitor’s optimal resolution.

How to get the best display setting for an LCD monitor having Windows 7

The procedure to achieve this is particularly simple and easy. You should begin with checking the clarity of your screen. It is always advisable to leave the screen on your native resolution that is the resolution that the monitor was designed to display based on its size. You need to check the display setting from the control panel to know the native resolution of your computer. It can be done following the two steps stated below.

1) You need to open screen resolution by clicking the start button and then clicking Control Panel, following these under Appearance and Personalization, you must click Adjust screen resolution.
2) Click the drop down list next to resolution .now check out the resolution recommended. This is the native resolution of your monitor.

How the retailers of the screen can also tell you the native resolution and other trivia of your monitor .In a nutshell if you follow the above details then you can attain your desired display on the screen of your computer.