A number of things are vital for a computer to work steadily and securely. You can use many types of software to increase the speed of a computer by cleansing it from useless or resource consuming software. However, one of the most important things that afflict many people is security. A large number of companies claim to be producing good security software like anti-spamming and anti-virus software but very few are really protecting your PC properly.

Plans for a powerful computer security software

A software development company called GFI has announced that it has acquired Sunbelt software. GFI is a company that has been producing security software since 1992. It produces software for filtering spam as well as viruses from emails and the web. The GFI software provides you with a much more secure internet experience, one that you can use to email and surf the web without any kind of fear. Recently, this company has announced that it has the Sunbelt software. The specific product is the VIPRE product suite. The detailed terms of use are not disclosed yet. This software will be merged in GFI’s email security and web security systems for better and more secure data transferring.

Introducing VIPRE

VIPRE is a security software solution for protecting your PC from mal-ware, spyware, adware and viruses. This is one of the leading security solutions for a PC and this amazing product will greatly enhance GFI’s present security software. The result will be an end-point security protection from all types of spyware and malware. This will be the complete solution for all of your computer’s security needs.

From GFI

The GFI’s CEO, Walter Scott said that Sunbelt’s Viper is reliable security software that ensures super-fast and unlimited security at the same time. He said Sunbelt’s technology is backed by a committed customer support team that provides great service. He further noted that he saw this investment in VIPRE as an excellent opportunity to increase their install base and to realize a much larger scale of customers worldwide.

From Sunbelt

Sunbelt CEO Alex Eckelberry expressed that he expected GFI increase Sunbelt’s revenue and popularity on a global scale. With the help of GFI, they do not only plan to increase the number of partners and customers they have, they also want to win more shareholders and acquire a larger workforce.

Eckelberry says that currently, there are still not any ‘specific’ plans as to how the two products will be integrated into one another. On the other hand, there seem to be ideas as to the parts to which each company offer contributions to result in the nest software they can develop. Unfortunately, this will all have to be done with the retiring co-founder of Sunbelt, Stu Sjouwerman.

No doubt, this step taken by GFI looks like a very good decision. This creation is most likely to increase their market and the software sales and services.