GFI Software, a company known for its services on mail security as well as software utilities, has finally decided to purchase an independent US antivirus company named Sunbelt Software for a sum that has not been disclosed for the public to find out.

What GFI Offers

At present, GFI is now offering a wide variety of security products that make sue of third party antivirus engines from BitDefender as well as Kaspersky. This somehow makes up the scanning element of the company’s SME-oriented products like the GFI MailDefense suite, among others. And, now that they have purchased Sunbelt Software, GFI can now have access to any antivirus engine of its own for the very first time.

Soon enough, GFI will be integrating Sunbelt’s largely revised Vipre detection technology across its wide variety of products. This particular software is actually quite known all over the world for being very efficient in innovation. Plus, what impresses the experts in this field is that this software was only rewritten from nothing just over a year ago. Highly effective software that was only built over a year ago is something that can truly impress anyone.

The CEO of GFI, Walter Scott has already given his word saying that he has been very much impressed with how Sunbelt’s Vipre has performed. The high quality and the highly innovative technology were very much obvious in its operations. Plus, he, along with his entire team of bosses, was able to see the very strong synergy that occurred between the two separate companies. It seemed that GFI and Sunbelt worked so well with each other, like as if they were primarily built to complement each other’s operations

Word has come out that GFI is also looking forward to getting its hands on a malware detection engine that has already been licensed to third parties. This way, GFI will be able to stand its own revenue. Selling the anti-malware and the antivirus software is only one part of the operations in this kind of business, as it largely depends on third party licensing in order to stay effective.

Sunbelt on Its Own

Sunbelt, on the other hand, also has its very own distribution business, which is actually not part of the GFI’s purchase. This other business will remain as another entity and will not be put under GFI possession. However, it has not been determined whether or not GFI is looking forward to taking this other entity on. For now, it is quite obvious that GFI has its sights on Sunbelt’s Vipre.

Nowadays, many small and independent antivirus companies seem to have a trend when it comes to selling out. And, it seems that this trend is not about to end soon. The huge amount of cash that is necessary in order to keep the development as well as the marketing operations on track is getting harder and harder to completely sustain, especially when free antivirus systems, such as those that come from Microsoft and other companies keep taking away their sales.