If you love composing your own music and doing a jig on your own remix, Gliss is a perfect iPhone app for you. Gliss offers you an extra edge. The app lets you play music and you can also use it to create re-mixes using your fingers. With Gliss, you can use your iPhone as an interface as well as a controller and play the re-mixes using a tempo or a scrub.

You can now become a music composer by playing your own notes, sounds and sequences as per your choice. You will get to explore a lot in the Gliss app. Load the sounds and draw them on the sequencer, which will help in composing the music. Post composition, you can tilt your phone to play the mix using the scrub or tempo. Use five different colors with your fingertips to paint your very own customized notes. There will be five colors that will represent an opposite form of sound. It is an engaging and entertaining iPhone music app.

Here’s a download on the app’s features:
• Sample playback in various pitches along with sample upload via Wi-Fi
• 5 Colors for drawing various sounds, samples and voices
• Placement of notes in a free or grid-enabled fashion
• Tilt the phone and control random pitches
• Supported by Sound cloud
• Upload zip files of samples

With Gliss, you can unleash your inner artist, create your own music and play a re-mix. The power of creativity now lies in your hands. The app is available at the iTunes AppStore.

Developer: TeaTracks
Platform: iOS 3.1 or later
Price: $2.99
Genre: Music