Gmail is a free e-mail service from Google. The Gmail service is very impressive as it offers lots of free storage space and is equipped with advanced features. After the increasing popularity of Android, an innovative offering from Google in the smartphone and tablet arena, the need for more efficient e-mail services with features that can be viewed easily on small screens has been well addressed by Google in a systematic manner.

Over the last year, Google introduced the feature of the Priority Inbox, which makes it very convenient for the user to access e-mails marked Priority. This feature makes it very easy for the user to respond to e-mails that need immediate attention and review all the other e-mails later.

In line with this feature, Google has introduced a very innovative auto-label feature, which is done by Gmail automatically enhancing the bulk mail and newsletter segregation as also mass mail subscriptions into a bulk folder, leaving only communicable mails in the inbox. With the addition of the Priority Inbox to this, the system becomes very light.

This Smart Label concept adds to the Gmail feature of spam e-mail detection. The smartphone and tablet users have, thus, made the Gmail still more interesting even for the desktop and laptop users. In this feature, users can also modify the settings of configuration as well as filter settings of these pre-assigned labels. User can also assign, whether they want the bulk mail in the separate bulk folder or would like to see the same in the inbox folder itself. Although these features already exist in some form or the other in the standard Gmail, this new addition of auto label only helps in automatic configuration for the non-computer savvy Gmail user.

Gmail by itself already has various interesting features like new languages for iPhone and Android. Gmail offers 44 languages complete with label support. You can also make phone calls from Gmail using the voice and video chat plug in, right from inside Gmail. The Google Buzz in Gmail is also a very innovative feature. The HTTPS encryption, improving security features can be disabled for improved speed, barring the Login and Password pages where encryption cannot be disabled.

The Labs Tab with a variety of experimental features, multiple themes for the Gmail page, drag and drop of labels, undo Send, offline Gmail, the PDF Previewer, colored label tags, group chat, as also free IMAP, make Google Gmail the best service in its class.