Gmail is very popular among users because of the simple interface and advanced features. Gmail ensures that users are able to easily send and receive e-mails. The entire interface is extremely attractive and user friendly. However, the best part about the mailing client is that, it is constantly updating various features for improving the service.

In Gmail, Google will make available the priority inbox indicator to all users. Users would be able to experience a completely new type of mailing tool with the priority inbox indicator in place. It help them to prioritise their mails in a much better way. The Priority Box feature will filter mails according to importance and save your time in checking mails. You can configure the settings according to your preferences for marking emails from specific people as important. Users can also choose to skip certain mails from the inbox. Labels can also be made for various categories of emails. If an important mail is incorrectly categorized by Gmail, you can click on the button ‘Mark as Important’. The classification is done by Gmail according to the pattern of sending mails. To use the feature of Priority Inbox, just click on the option ‘Show Priority Inbox’.