Lately Google Inc. has launched a one-of-a-kind service that delivers your Gmail messages in form of SMS. Confused? You heard it right!

Dubbed as Gmail SMS, the service automatically forwards all your e-mails as SMS text straightforward on your phone. You not just get your e-mail messages, but you can also respond directly through SMS.

According to your priorities, you can easily manage your e-mails received by replying with various commands, including PAUSE, MORE, or RESUME. In addition to this, you can also compose an e-mail as an SMS and send it to the desired e-mail id recipient. However, configuring the service does require using a PC for the basic configuration.

As long as you have a standard mobile phone with SMS and voice capability, you will be able to accomplish all your e-mailing tasks merely by sending text messages. Just activate a simple set up on your Gmail account and get going.

Initially the service will be available in Ghana, Nigeria and Kenya only.