The Federal Trade Commission also known as FTC of the United States has shut down its probe into the $750 million Google/AdMob buyout and given it a go ahead for the deal. There is a very simplistic reason to it, which is the contribution of Apple.

The official document that was released by Federal Trade Commission in a PDF statement mentions the word Apple ten times within a page and a half. This is because of the decision taken by Apple to launch and move ahead in to a mobile Ad network called iAd.

The Federal Trade Commission had come to the conclusion of this decision based on the movement of the mobile advertising industry. The advertising industry’s movement showed important developments in the mobile market place. Apple’s movement here would mitigate with the effects of Google’s AdMob. That is the conclusion that the Federal Trade Commission reached. They, the Federal Trade Commission vetoed and came to a decision that the probe would be closed.

The Federal Trade Commission had some issues about Google’s monopoly as far as online advertising is concerned. If one of these iPhone would have been bought and the players would have gained the monopoly even into mobile space. This announcement by Apple has totally diverted the gain. As Apple gains an entrance, AdMob’s monopoly on the iPhone platform is not likely to be a very precise indicator of AdMob’s importance to gaining monopoly competitively whether AdMob is owned by any company be it Google or not is not of any significance. This is a very important factor since AdMob’s financial and the market share come mostly from the iPhone platform.

Google has been quick to respond to this deal and has taken an oath to fight any kind of ruling that is not positive. With the Federal Trade Commission decision, Google is really happy. They made a statement stating that this is wonderful news for the whole mobile advertising eco-system. The company in the statement said that as mobile usage is growing mobile advertising is only going to accelerate. This will give the advertising industry a whole new platform which will include publishers, mobile developers, and advertising agencies. This is a great way to reach out to people and the consumers will get better advertisements and more free content.

At AdMob the ambience is extremely positive and happy, quite like the one at Google. The CEO of AdMob, Omar Hamoui, said in a statement that he was extremely pleased with the decision taken by the Federal Trade Commission. As per the Federal Trade Commission ruling that no probe would be required in the Google AdMob buy out. Since the past six months, AdMob has received a great deal of help, goodwill and support from the ever growing mobile industry. AdMob greatly appreciates it. The future of AdMob is very bright and it looks forward to focusing on working together with Google and bringing the deal to a closure.