It has been observed that many users have searched data about themselves through Google and various other search engines.

Earlier it was noticed that everybody searched themselves on Internet and used to boast about it. The more the numbers of pages the search engine shows on their name, the more popular they use to feel. But that has suddenly changed and a contrasting situation has been seen rising. People now search themselves online only to see how many pages they can reduce. They do it by deleting their comments on various social networking sites. They do it by reducing the access to their profile on similar sites by the search engines.

This trend has come up as now a days comments, photos, videos and even status updates have being used as evidences during court room discussions. Recently an individual in the United States got divorced when his wife used his status update and photos on Facebook as evidence. Employers also searches about their recruited employees, to see the person’s profile mentioned there. Recently a student in the United Kingdom got rejected from his applied university and the reason of rejection was his views posted on MySpace profile pages were found to be aggressive.

It was found that 7% of less people where willing to keep their information open on Internet, they were deleting their comments , removing tagging from photos and also changing their privacy controls to prevent the search engines to access their profile pages. It was also found that the younger age group people frequently deleted their comments and changed their privacy settings. They were found to be more conscious while sharing any online information about themselves. They have also marked that they don’t trust the policies adopted by the social networking sites like Facebook, MySpace and LinkedIn.

While the older age group people are pretty less conscious and worried about their information that is available online and used by whom. They rarely change their privacy controls on social networking sites and are less aware of deleting their comments. While only very few adults have limited the personal information they post online. The trend is pretty clear that youngsters are getting conscious about the things of themselves posted online as it can harm their careers; they work life and even their married life. While the older people don’t mind keep the information about them online, and letting others read or use them. This is the result of the new policies regarding privacy control many social networking sites are tweaking every now and then, and has resulted into eroding the trust of the young populace of users on their sites.