About a month ago, there were speculations that Google and Verizon have joined hands to make a tablet PC which will run on Android. These reports have recently been confirmed by Verizon Wireless CEO Lowell McAdam. In his interview to the Wall street journal he sounded very positive and motivated to release this product. However, he did not specify an approximate release date, which is still a mystery!

After the iPad launch, technology enthusiasts are waiting for something new, a device which will test the buyer’s fondness for Apple products. Apple sold more than one million iPad devices in less than a month of its launch and this is a clear indicator of market trends in the years to come. Tablet PCs are surely much in demand and Apple has the first mover advantage. However, history has proved that in the world of technology, one has to keep reinventing their products to survive in the highly competitive market of computer devices.

Google and Verizon’s partnership might well be path breaking as there are many features that this new device will offer. McAdam, in his interview, did not clarify whether the tablet would run on Android, Chrome OS or just Google applications running on some other technology. With Android, Google has made it clear that it will be a future world player in the world of mobile operating systems. The Android platform is designed to be scalable upwards to MIDs and notebooks and downwards to feature phones However, leading technology experts are expecting that the device will run on Chrome OS. If that’s the case, the tablet will have a great advantage over the iPad. Firstly, the iPad does not have a folder structure to store its files. This makes storage of data difficult. Chrome OS will give the user a PC like experience which is much desired. The device can have other features such as USB ports which are found in common PCs. It will also support cloud computing and a user will be able to access files from any place.

One difficulty with Google is that they haven’t yet been able to launch a successful product. Many telecom analysts feel that this is the main reason behind partnering with Verizon. This does make perfect business for Google, a market leader in the field of technology. However, they will face stiff competition from Apple and the likes of HP, Dell and Asus who have been rumored to be coming out with their versions of tablet PCs. Many of them showed off prototype tablets at CES this year but there is not much information about the type of products they are cooking up!

With this partnership, Google has posed a challenge to many of its successful competitors. This was very much expected following the report by The New York Times last month, in which they speculated that Google was planning to introduce a tablet PC, something on the lines of the iPad. Verizon, by itself, is a world class company and if everything goes well, this tablet PC may be the next big thing!