Google is American multinational public corporation which was founded in 1998 by Sergey M. Brin and Lawrence E. Page. The company was started as only a search engine. Today they provide various service on internet like clouding computing, internet search and advertising technologies. They develop and host various products and internet based services and derived profit from advertising through its Ad Words program. Google is a pioneer in the world of search engine. Other comparators like Yahoo and Microsoft with Bing are even like not exist in the market. The main comparator of Google in the market of search engine is Yahoo. Yahoo was established in 1995 in US. First yahoo was started as an internet portal site and search engine on World Wide Web. After that Yahoo introduces many services as Yahoo Mail, Messenger etc.

The market share of Google in search engine is very high, subsequently Yahoo comes on second number and after that Microsoft’s Bing search engine comes in focus. Microsoft engine is very new as compare to Google and yahoo so there is no direct competition among Google and Microsoft in the field of search engine but because of Bing Google are also starts to innovating new ideas for its search engine. In the end of December 2010 widens search share of Google is 66.65% in the world market after that yahoo is holding 16% of share and Microsoft’s Bing has 12% of market share. This statics of market share gives the clear idea why Google is said to be pioneer in the field of search engine. The surveyor companies also says that in the last year Google gains around 0.4% market share whiles yahoo looses its market share by 0.4%.

More than 16.4 billion searches are done by these all search engines in the last year. To stay in the market Microsoft’s Bing executes its search with Yahoo, so combine share of both the company is around 28%. Also after the combining both the companies are too far from the Google in the search market. So its state foreword statement that Google is lead over the Yahoo in widens search market. All this happens because of the exact search results obtained by the Google in the fraction of seconds.