Emerging reports indicate that Google’s Android store will hit a cumulative 100,000 applications by the end of this month, July 31st 2010. As it is currently, Google’s Android store has already garnered more than 90,000 applications.

Monthly Applications Rise

If the reports are anything to go by, the search giant’s applications clocked an impressive 15,000 applications in June. The reports are indicative of a growing trend that has seen the Google Android Stores reach their impressive 100,000 mark. Even as the speculations and the reports emerge, Google Inc has maintain its eerie silence over the matter, choosing to let speculations run wild. Google is yet to announce officially if the reports are reflective of its own reports or not, refusing to comment on them.  The fact is, the Android market is typical of frequent jumps whenever certain Android launches are made. If you remember, the last time there was a launch, the Droid and the Incredible; there was an impressive boost to the rate of increase in Google’s Android store applications. Other than that, Google’s free offer of Evo 4G handsets to each developer back in May at the launch of its I/O conference is though to have contributed to the impressive rise in the number of Google Android store applications.

Close in on Apple’s Applications Numbers

Google Android Store applications growth is closely following that of iPhone’s Applications Store in terms of quantity, given the fact that the slowed growth of Apple’s applications has pegged them at about 225,000 applications.

What this reflects is the fact that the number of applications through Google’s Android Market is increasing fast and if the figures are to be believed, keep a keen eye on this because it might just surpass iPhone’s numbers. The AndroidLib report is a significant reminder of Google Android Stores increasing influence and presence in the apps development segment. The report places the rate at about 9,000 apps per month, and if this keeps up, the 100,000 might as well be baby’s play. The end of July might clock the 100,000 in no time at this rate, considering what has been witnessed over the past few months.

Milestone For Google Inc.

This will mark a milestone, reflecting Google’s achievement as it moves towards closing the gap it has between its numbers of available apps currently when compared to Google’s. The rate of growth must be very encouraging to Google Inc, as it reflects the success of its drive towards market dominance in the apps segment, though it is way behind leader iPhone, from Apple. But even so, expectations are high the 100,000 mark will be attained, because just in April this year, the Android market had about 50,000 applications but there has been an increase in interest over the company’s apps.

However, concerns have been raised over Google’s Android’s focus on free apps rather than professional applications or paid for apps.  What the rapid increase in apps indicates is the fact that there is continued interest in development that is inclusive of developers who otherwise would have taken to using iOS.